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BarRev™ Bar Exam Skills Bootcamp and Private Tutoring

BarRev™, a service of LEX Law Prep, assists students in preparing for the California Bar Exam through both one-on-one, individualized tutoring sessions and a bar exam skills bootcamp. Tutoring sessions are available either in-person or online, according to each student's preference.

Our current and former students represent both students and alumni from UCLA, USC, Southwestern Law School, Loyola, Pepperdine, Columbia, Yale, Vanderbilt, and numerous other colleges and universities. We offer discounted rates to individuals who are repeating the California Bar Exam.

Unsurpassed Instructor Qualifications

All BarRev bar review instructors and bar exam tutors must meet very stringent requirements to qualify, including all of the following:

  • 99th percentile LSAT score
  • Top Ten college graduate
  • Top Ten law school graduate
  • Made law review at the above law school
  • First-time MPRE passer
  • First-time bar exam passer
  • Admitted to practice of law
BarRev bar prep tutors are available for in-person bar exam tutoring throughout Southern California and for online bar exam tutoring worldwide. A BarRev instructor is also available to come to speak to your pre-law society or Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity meeting about preparing for law school or to your law school student body or incoming law firm associates regarding preparing for the California Bar Exam, Baby Bar, or MPRE.

Developing Bar Exam Skills

Preparation—not just information—is crucial to success on the bar exam. Those individuals who prepare themselves mentally, physically, and logistically for the test—and even for the preparation process itself—have a much greater likelihood of performing at their best when the pressure is on. Students must be ready not only to recall legal rules but to communicate articulately, even in the face of the inevitable uncertainty that arises when facing a new fact pattern on exam day.

That's why the BarRev approach helps students prepare on many different levels, developing not only the academic knowledge—memorization of the law may be the easier part—but also numerous skills that are integral to success, namely:

Writing—The written portions of the exam make up most of one's score
Reading comprehension—One must learn to glean the key facts from each stimulus
Test-taking—Effective time investment often separates those who pass from those who don't
Reasoning—Logic skills are crucial to writing good arguments as well as weeding through MBE answer choices

About the Academic Director

BarRev academic director Shelton Harrison received his college degree from Stanford and his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law, where he served as managing editor of the Virginia Law Review. Harrison began his teaching career as a full-time assistant to the resource specialist at Fairmeadow Elementary School, where he worked with learning-disabled students in grades one through six. Since that time, he has been trained as a teacher by three of the top companies in the standardized test preparation industry.

Harrison has successfully prepared hundreds of students for standardized tests, including not only the California Bar Exam but also the LSAT, GRE, and MPRE. Harrison also has a strong personal track record as a test-taker, having earned a maximum score on the LSAT and 99th %-ile scores on a variety of other tests.

LEX BarRev Bar Exam Tutoring

"Thank you for helping me.... I learned more in the first two-hour session than I did in my first-year legal writing course."

~ LEX BarRev™ California Bar Exam private tutoring student
(Los Angeles, California)

"[The LEX method] is friggin' genius. In approximately three hours of [tutoring] and then writing five essays on my own, I learned how to write [essays] confidently..., something that my law school could not teach me in three years."

~ LEX BarRev™ California Bar Exam private tutoring student
(Los Angeles, California)

"You saved me that morning from an emotional breakdown!"

~ LEX BarRev™ California Bar Exam private tutoring student
(Los Angeles, California)

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